Judy Burge, Weight Management Coach

I lost 57kg!

‘I have lost 57kgs! I am now medication free. I can actually run and play with my grandson now, we chase each other, fly kites, play in the park – I don’t get exhausted when I babysit for a day! I now know I can achieve anything. Thank you Judy, this has been the best year!’


I lost 16kg!

’16kgs lost in 12 weeks and 42cm in total body measurements. Blood pressure has returned to normal! I have found the program inspiring and anyone who is overweight or obese can do this – if I can!’


I lost 13kg!

’13kgs lost in 12 weeks and 10cm from waist circumference. My blood glucose levels were in the pre-diabetic range, but are now back to within the normal range!’


I lost 6kg!

 ‘I lost over 6kgs in 8 weeks & 25cm in body measurements. My clothes are looser and I feel great!’ 


I was kept accountable!

‘Judy has helped me by keeping me accountable. She listens to my needs and gives me the tools to achieve my goals’.


Hip hooray!

‘I am doing a happy dance at this hour of a Sunday morning because I can do the zip up on a beautiful dress, I haven’t been able to wear for 5 years! Hip hooray- I am feeling awesome today. Thanks Judy for this program, it’s just superb’.


I would recommend Mindful Weight Management!

‘I would recommend Mindful Weight Management to anyone who needs to lose weight and get back on track to a healthy lifestyle. This isn’t another type of diet. It is a lifestyle choice. I have found the program very rewarding, educational and informative’.


I started putting myself first.

‘I have always put everyone else first, and not made time for myself. I am learning to embrace the idea of self-care, so that I can be healthy, live life to the fullest, and be there for my family for many years to come’. 


Life continued on as normal!

‘The greatest part of this program is that life continued.  We were shown how to eat no matter how we spent our days.  Our lives didn’t have to change, we didn’t have to weigh foods or count points or calories. And I achieved this weight loss during winter. The mindfulness will benefit your waistline and your health!’  




6-Week One-On-One Weight Loss Program

We meet for a one-hour session once a week in your home (Toowoomba only), online or in-person at Canvas Coworking Space (1/625 Ruthven St, Toowoomba), whichever suits you best each week.

You will receive a high level of support with this program. In addition to your weekly consultation, you receive daily inspiration via emails, check-in texts, a pantry/fridge/freezer makeover, a supermarket visit and a deep dive session.

Your 6-week weight loss program includes a food plan, mind plan, activity plan and more, as well as essential tools for your success alongside your supportive and encouraging weight loss coach.

$590 upfront payment or weekly payments of $110, no other costs involved.

Limited places available.


I also offer an 8-Week One-on-One Program meeting for a one-hour session online or in-person at Canvas Coworking Space (1/625 Ruthven St, Toowoomba). In addition to your weekly consultation, you receive twice weekly inspiration via emails and a mid-week check-in text. $640 upfront payment or weekly payments of $85, no other costs involved.