Judy Burge, Weight Management Coach

Have you got questions? Don’t worry.  We’ve tried to answer the most common questions below.


How long does the program go for?

The program goes for either 6 or 8 one hour weekly sessions, depending on which program you choose. For those who wish to receive ongoing support following the program, there is the option to continue working alongside your weight loss coach where you set new weight loss goals, do deep dive sessions, receive further learning, inspiration and accountability.

Are there any additional costs?

There are NO additional hidden costs. This program does not require the need for expensive meal replacements, shakes, protein powders, or specialised supermarket products. It is about Eating Real Food that you and your family can maintain long-term. And there are NO membership fees or contracts.

What are the benefits I can expect from this program?

Mindful Weight Management takes a wholistic approach focusing on nutritional, physical and psychological factors to build your health. You will be implementing life-long changes that enhance your well-being and results in weight loss.

How will the program support me?

The program is run by a supportive and caring coach who has dealt with similar struggles to yourself. You will receive supportive and motivational emails and text messages from your weight loss coach to help keep you on track.

Can this program really help me?

Yes! This program was designed specifically for people who have had a life-long struggle with their weight and has proven to be effective. It is simple to follow, and we will be with you every step of the way helping you achieve real change permanently.

Do I need a Doctor’s referral?

No you do not need a Doctor’s referral.



6-Week One-On-One Weight Loss Program

We meet for a one-hour session once a week in your home (Toowoomba only), online or in-person at Canvas Coworking Space (1/625 Ruthven St, Toowoomba), whichever suits you best each week.

You will receive a high level of support with this program. In addition to your weekly consultation, you receive daily inspiration via emails, check-in texts, a pantry/fridge/freezer makeover, a supermarket visit and a deep dive session.

Your 6-week weight loss program includes a food plan, mind plan, activity plan and more, as well as essential tools for your success alongside your supportive and encouraging weight loss coach.

$590 upfront payment or weekly payments of $110, no other costs involved.

Limited places available.


I also offer an 8-Week One-on-One Program meeting for a one-hour session online or in-person at Canvas Coworking Space (1/625 Ruthven St, Toowoomba). In addition to your weekly consultation, you receive twice weekly inspiration via emails and a mid-week check-in text. $640 upfront payment or weekly payments of $85, no other costs involved.